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Many thanks for the very well organize trip to Tibet.
The all trip was excellent.
Thubten our guide very helpful and genteel and the drivers also.
You have done excellent choice as about your staff. 
We were very lucky as about the prohibition for the celebration. 
Many thanks from my  friends.
I hope to cooperate in the future for  my trip to the rest country.

Las informaciones del cliente: Mina, Greece
La feche de partida del viaje: September 22, 2009
La ruta del viaje: 12 days, Tsetang - Lhasa - Yamdrok - Gyantse - Shalu - Shigatse - Sakya - Shegar - Everest BC - Shegar - Zhangmu

A few days ago we returned from our trip to China.
We herewith would like to express our feelings of satisfaction with the arrangements you made for this trip: nice hotels, busses always on time, skillful drivers, guides waiting at the airports for us, good local guides and Yang Ying as "the Cherry on top of the cake".
We really had a wonderful vacation in your country with so many different aspects.  Hopefully we may be able to again make use of your services in the future.
Thank you again.

Las informaciones del cliente: Paul and Regina, Belgium
La feche de partida del viaje: August 9, 2009
La ruta del viaje: 19 days Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Longji - Sanjiang - Zhaoxing - Rongjiang - Kaili - Guiyang - Anshun - Guiyang - Chengdu

A wonderful (Tibet) tour. A perfect team! I can really recommand this tour, the guide and the driver!!

Las informaciones del cliente: Siegfried, Germany
La feche de partida del viaje: May 21, 2009
La ruta del viaje: 16 days Beijing – Xining – Train Riding to Lhasa – Shigatse – Lhatse – Shegar – Rongbuk – Everest BC – Rongbuk – Old Tingri – Paiku Tso – Saga – Paryang – Manasarovar – Darchen – Kailash Trekking – Darchen – Paryang – Saga – Lhatse – Shigatse – Lhasa – Ch


We have just arrived back in Perth yesterday afternoon. First of all , thank you for the box of lovely chinese tea. The tour was extremely well organised from arrival till departure. Thank you for your direct involvement to ensure that our tour goes according as planned. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond control,  we have to forgo the the "Impression of Liu San Ji" alternatively we saw the "Dream of Lijiang instead which we enjoyed very much. However, we purchased a DVD of Liu San Ji which we can at least watch at home without totally missing out on this show.
Leo, the guide at Kunming is excellent, he was extremely knowledgable of the local customs and scene. He was very helpful and extended himself beyond the expectations of attending and fulfilling our needs to ensure we had a good time in Kunming. His recommendations to local foods such as the Yilang Duck, Crossing the Bridge Noodles was very good, especially the "Dai BBQ" and "Pumpking Pancake". Infact we went back to the same restaurant for more "pumpking pancake" after our return from Guilin to Kunming. Leo went to the extend to organise for his colleque, Charlie, to wait for our arrival at Kunming airport to assist us with our connecting flight to Guilin. He even arranged the "Mushroom Hot Pot" lunch at a restaurant instead of us hanging around at the airport for our connecting flight to Guilin. This "Mushroom Hot Pot " lunch was another wonderful experience for us as we do not have this in Perth.
Leo confidently provided first aid to my friend who was stung by a bee while we were strolling along the road. He even went to the extend to purchase medication from the chemist shop and immediately applied the medication for my friend to reduce the pain the swelling to the site. We really appreciate his quick action.
William, the guide at Dali, was also extremely helpful and goes beyond the expectations of meeting our needs and ensuring we have a good time in Dali.. He certainly have full knowledge of the history, local customs and traditions within the region. His recommendation of the "worm and bee" dish was quite an experience for us which we did enjoyed. He had no hesitation of assisting us with any queries during our stay in Dali.
Peter, the guide at Lijiang, was also helpful and knowledgeable within his required role. Apart from the other tourist sites, our experienced which we treasured most was the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge and most of all the ride on the Yak at a tourist spot near the snow mountain. This was another new experience for us.

Jenny, the guide, at Guilin was helpful and knowledgeable. The feedback on Guilin evaluation was that, the guide should have been prepared and organised some umbrella or rain wear for us as it was raining periodically during our tour. The Li River cruise, Karst Caves and Yangshou tour was the highlight  and it was quite an experienced for us. Unfortunately we have to forgo the "Impression of Liu San Ji" due to circumstances beyond control and saw the "Dream of Lijiang" show instead, which we enjoyed.
The hotels were good, in particular the Wang Fu hotel at Lijinag which was ideally closed to the ancient city which we can access within walking distance and most importantly away from the central tourist hustle and bustle noises. The priviledge to select our own meals gave us the freedom to pick and choose the dishes to our liking which enable us to try the local dishes as well.
In summary, we have no complaints regarding our tour and had a wonderful time in Yunnan and Guilin. The tour was well organised and planned. We were expected from one destination to another without any uncessary delay. The driver was alert and safe, and the touring vehicle was clean and road worthy which  ideally suited the four of us. The places of interest was a  good experienced for us.
Thank you for organising this wonderful tour and experience for us. Our next visit would be to Jiujiaco which we heard so much about. We will most probably take on this trip sometime next year. We heard that October month is the best time to travel to Jiujiaco due to the beauty of the scenery. Do you have any itineary to visit Jiujiaco or any recommendation which can be included on this tour?
Once again thank you for the lovely box of chinese tea.

Las informaciones del cliente: Mike, Australia
La feche de partida del viaje: May 13, 2009
La ruta del viaje: 12 days Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Kunming - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Kunming

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